The Duchies of the Eastern Isle

Iyarlaan (The Eastern Isle)

The large island east of Engweald is a verdant paradise nestled between wooded hills.  Although much of the land is under the king's control, vast tracts of wilderness are home to the wild, untamed berseker tribes.

The Berserker Lands – The berserker tribes call this verdant expanse home, and the rolling hills and timeworn mountains are dotted with their primitive strongholds and villages.  Meanwhile, Valish knights astride hippogriffs monitor the Iyarish strongholds from the clouds, with strict order from the Duchees of Gorgonhold not to anger the berserkers or stir up conflict.  For now, the berserker tribes are content to let their enemies watch from the skies while they sharpen their weapons, strengthen their defenses, and wait for the warrior-chieftains to lead them once more into battle against the knights and wizards of Valoreign.  The warrior-chieftains are always the strongest members of their respective tribes, which number anywhere from 200 to 2,000.

Duchy of Gorgonhold – This duchy was formed in 1280 after the Gorgon King's victory over the indigenous berserker tribes in the Battle of the Red Skies.  Protecting the farms and foundling villages of this realm is the Duchess of Gorgonhold, Dame Anne Dunwarren, and the knight cavaliers of the Order of the Hearth.  Gorgonhold is aso home to Llewellyn Dragonstaff of the Council of Magi.

Duchy of Westreach – The king's foothold in Iyarlann is a rich domain populated by an adventrous breed of settlers from Engweald, whose interests and holdings are tended to be a formidable Knight of the Hearth named Duke Thomas Thistledown and his eldritch knights, all of them wealthy earls with coastal estates.  Westreach is also home to the duke's third wife, Alicia Thistledown, the youngest member of the Council of Magi.

The Shadowcrowns – This primeval forest, the largest in all of Valoreign, is home to the Iyarlander wood elves, as well as treants, dryads, satyrs, druids, and ancient supernatural monsters.  Berserker tribefolk come here to hunt as part of their rites of passage, but otherwise the domain is largely avoided.  Rangers from the Duchy of Gorgonhold also come here to treat with the wood elves and test their mettle.

The Duchies of the Eastern Isle

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