The Duchies of the Western Isle

Engweald (The Western Isle)

The kingdom of Valoreign is comprised of many islands, the largest of which is Engweald.  The island has cold mountains, rugged hills, and chilly moor to the north.  As one travel south, the land becomes more fertile, giving way to fog-shrouded forests, misty meadows, and rain-drenched farmland.

Duchy of Brightmeadow - The tracts of farmland and forest that lie east and south of the capital comprise this duchy, which is overseen by an attentive and beloved Knight of the Hearth named Andrew Hullgrave.  Hullgrave's land also surrounds a number of small counties and earldoms presided over by noble landowners.  Brightmeadows is also home to Jacqueline Vicard of the Council of Magi.

Duchy of Hundredhill - Often abbreviated as "Dredhill," this duchy is aptly named, for the land throughout rises and falls, forming a seemingly endless range of wooded hills and fog-shrouded valleys.  Many of the hilltops are dotted with villages as well as stone fortresses that guard against monstrous incursions from the northwest.  The Duke of Dredhill is Sylvester Umbridge of the Order of the Heath, known to his fellow knights as "Sir Sly" and "Lord Trollbane."  Hundredhill is also home to Magnus Filgray of the Council of Magi.

Duchy of Spearpoint – Countless battles against orcs and giants have waged throughout this sparsely wooded hinterland, which is overseen by a steely Knight of the Flame named Sir Bluto Henris, whose hatred of orckind knows no bounds.  Spearpoint is also home to Millicent Hawksworth of the Council of Magi.  THe southern border of Spearpoint has a fortified wall stretching across it.  Built by humans and dwarves to protect southern Engweald, it's defend both by Sir Bluto's knights as well as the Knights of the Hearth from Hundredhill.

Duchy of Torskott – This cold, untamed hinterland has few scattered villages and quarries far removed from the watchful eye of the king, but tended to with all due diligence by Duchess Catherine Mansfield and her fellow Knights of the Flame.  The village of Orc's Head has particular strategic importance, since it watches over the mountainous domains of the orc and giant kings.  Orc's Head is also home to the wizard Corwin Strome of the Council of Magi.  He and Dame Catherine have an unsettled past.

Duchy of Warfield – This fertile land north and west of Valorstand is dotted with village and abbeys that swear fealty to the Manticore King.  Duke Everley Falkonmoore presides over the land in the king's name, but leaves its protection to the Knights of the Hearth who serve under him.  The duke's holdings also surround a number of smaller counties and earldoms presided over by noble landowners.  Warfield is also home to Elliot Lynch of the Council of Magi.

The Dwarf Crown – This tight cluster of mountains in northern Valoreign so resembles a crown that it well deserves its name.  Beneath the Dwarf Crown, far below the surface, lies the city kingdom of Skorinholm.  

Norn – The storm-ravaged northern peninsula of Engweald is a cold, inhospitable place.

Skorinholm (dwarven city-kingdom) - Population 7,500.  The ancestral home of Skorin, the First King of the dwarves, has grown over the centuries into a sprawling underground labyrinth, the primary entrance to which is a heavily fortified (and oft-besieged) mountainside fortress on the surface called Skorin's Gate, which bears the scars of many battles against orcs and giants.  The reigning king of the dwarves is actually a queen: the indomitable and intractable Vyorna Mithralvein.

Thane Holds of Invernia – Surface-dwelling hill dwarves call this rugged, icy domain home.  Their forges and ark domiciles are chiseled out of hillsides, and their domain is separated from the Ducy of Torskott by a mighty granite wall that stretch from the Dwarf Crown to the eastern shore.  Invernia has no ruler, per se; rather, the land is divided among greedy dwarf thanes with blood-ties to the mightiest clans of Skorinholm.

Valorstand (capital city) – Population 25,000.  A gray wall topped with iron battlements, guardhouses, and dragon-shaped gargoyles surrounds the great city on the hill, upon which is perched the royal keep of Dragoonroost, the Mancery (the tower of the Council of Magi), and the Grand Temple.  Outside the city is the Wyvern's Tail, a winding river with sprawling farmland on both sides of it.

The Duchies of the Western Isle

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